I.            INTRODUCTION

Reduplication is a process of repeating a word, either wholly or partially (Brown, 2013). Reduplication is used in inflections to convey a grammatical function, such as plurality, intensification, etc., and in lexical derivation to create new words. There are at least two kinds of reduplication; full reduplication and partial reduplication. Continue reading



Words do not only have meanings, but they also have meaning relation to one another. The words can be related morphologically, by word formation rules, and semantically. In semantic, there are at least nine types of meaning relation. They are synonymy, antonymy, homonymy, polysemy, hypernymy, hyponymy, meronymy, holonymy, and troponymy. In this paper will be discussed the term Homonymy and Polysemy. Continue reading


Ten Indians is a short story written by Ernest Hemingway and was published in the 19th century. This story reflects the different characteristics of American people through the behaviors of the characters; the Indians, the Garners, and Nick and his father. However, the behaviors of the characters are influenced by the setting of place, since the setting of place is the dominant element here. Place as the dominant element means that the setting is classified as examples of local color or regionalism which lead us to the effects on characters of a particular geographical setting ,or in other words, the process of the characters’ being influenced by the region where they live in (Kenney, William: 1966). This essay will examine how the characters’ behaviors are influenced by the setting of places. Continue reading


Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) is a method of teaching language rose in 1970s, firstly in Europe. This method is a result of the increased demand of learning language, especially foreign language, for work or personal reason. This demand leads the educators to change the method of language teaching from traditional method, such as Grammar Translation Method (GTM), into more modern method like CLT. One of many reasons why educators prefer the CLT method than the GTM method is because GTM does not help the students to improve their speaking skill. Continue reading

The Importance Of English

English is a West Germanic Language that was first spoken in early medieval England and is now the most widely used language in the world (Wikipedia). Before 1940 the total numbers of people in the world who use English for some purpose or other were about 500 million, but until 1990 it had been trebled between 750 million and 1500 million, yet only about 300 million who are native speakers. It is the evidence that English is an important language. Thus, non-native speakers had better learn English because of two reasons. Continue reading