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The Importance Of English

English is a West Germanic Language that was first spoken in early medieval England and is now the most widely used language in the world (Wikipedia). Before 1940 the total numbers of people in the world who use English for some purpose or other were about 500 million, but until 1990 it had been trebled between 750 million and 1500 million, yet only about 300 million who are native speakers. It is the evidence that English is an important language. Thus, non-native speakers had better learn English because of two reasons.

The main reason is for communication. There are a lot of languages that are used in all country in this world and it may be difficult if we learn all the languages to communicate. Because English is spoken by most people in this world, whenever and wherever we meet foreigner the language that we will used must be English, either oral or written communication. We should also realize that now we are living in the informative and communicative technology world. Computers, newspapers, even some advertisement use English. To understand the point or the message of them, of course, we have to understand the language.

The second reason is that English has a major role in many fields including business, economics, medical science, education, and also entertainment. In the business sector, for instance, English is important since it helps to get the customers over the world. In the economics, English is important to make a trade with other countries. In the medical science, most of the terminologies are discussed in English. Many actors, singer from other countries are now trying to enter the Hollywood. This fact, however, affect some countries to give the opportunity to work based on people’s capability to speak English. Even though the bilingualism is a useful skill, the scope for employment is wider for those who speak English. Therefore, in order to advance in the professional world, we should have proper English and good speech.

We can conclude that it is important for non-native speaker to learn English because English is the most used communication mean in the world and English is used in almost all sectors. Thus, in order to obtain a good career an advancement as well as good communication with people around the world, English should be learned.


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